We create the future of real estate industry.

GEOLN™ is an international property brand that creates a truly demanded IT product worldwide - the real estate search engine. We keep the atmosphere of a fast growing company. Take the opportunity to join the GEOLN family and grow with us.


To systematize all the information available in the world about construction projects and real estate objects. To provide instant and convenient access to it. To provide an opportunity for the buyer and the developer/owner to interact directly.

Diana Kabakci - leading expert. GEOLN director

Industry Leading Experts

We strive to ensure that modern digital information technology helps users in finding verified properties around the world. By creating a system of transparent relationships in the market, we help people be happier, saving time for the selection and purchase of the ideal real estate.

By developing an international search engine, we are creating the future of the real estate industry - a global expert environment in which proven market participants interact.

Developing the digital real estate market, we strive to:

  • - Work globally to help users find and purchase reliable, verified real estate listings.
  • - Provide convenient tools for search, selection and communication.
  • - Provide access to property experts.


More than Name

GLOBAL - wherever in the world you are looking for real estate, proven results are guaranteed on GEOLN.COM. We develop and strive to be useful.

ESTATE - expert environment and reliable content are key components of the informational part of our product.

ONLINE - search for real estate, chat with managers, view search results on request. It's a simple process with an easy-to-use filter search toolkit.

LEADER - is an advantage for GEOLN.COM users working with the number one market experts.

NETWORK - is the GEOLN.COM trust network, which is a meeting place for a buyer and a seller, who interact with each other using modern communication tools.

Form new user habits

By offering innovative tools for interaction, we create new standards of work, form new user habits and we are convinced that finding real estate on GEOLN.COM is the most convenient way. This is confirmed by the millions of users of the service, whose number is only growing.

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